Hi and welcome to the Spanish Best Homes New Web Site. www.spanishbesthomes.com

We are glad to introduce our new partners in the business who will deal with the Central European customers. It has been for long demanded by the market and at last, not without hard work behind, we have found the ideal partners, trustworthy and professional, to deal with.

Our Belgium Consultants, fluent in Dutch, German, French, English and of course Spanish, providing our company with a highly trained and qualified service together with a love for the Spanish culture, maintaining though, the expected hard work and skills from Center European Nations, the push we needed to keep the business performing at the highest level with the only aim of fulfilling our customers expectations.

During the initial months of tear 2016 we have started this new venture, already achieving a good number of sales, pleasing our customers, and already completing most of them.

Now, with the experience and know-how in the spanish property market of our Senior members, Ismael Párraga and José Antonio Polo, with more than 17 years dedicated to this business and thousands of sales on their background, together with our new partners self-knowledge of the European idiosyncrasy and the self-konwledge of the full process of getting into the new venture of searching, finding and purchasing a new property in Spain, SPANISH BEST HOMES, is fully entitled to offer advise to nearly every European and Non European Nation.

José A. Polo