After the recent financial crisis, “Dacion en Pago” “Pay Off Mortgage” has become the best solution for those, who can not cope with their monthly payments to banks (whether or not they are resident in Spanish territory), are immersed in Foreclosure Procedures. These procedures use to have tragic outcomes as families are evicted of their properties and are forced, in some cases, to continue paying the outstanding capital after the auction of the mortgaged property. Our legal professional team specialty is to engage negotiation with banking entities and to give the house to the bank as a full payment of the outstanding capital of the mortgage, releasing the client from any liability and debt and ensuring their interests and benefits. “Sales with Quita” are the best option for those who want to sell their properties but the market prices are lower than their mortgage debts. This situation occurs very often since the last economic and financial crisis. The crackling down of house prices prevents the sale of mortgaged properties so that the Sale with Quita is the best way to get rid of the properties and cancel the mortgages without assuming a high cost and expenses.


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