Back from an amazing Summer, Spanish Best Homes team has been working to bring more to our customers, covering new areas and upgrading our portfolio of assets.

Now, any area and any location between the 3 regions is covered, Alicante, Murcia and Almería.

Since prices in the Costa Blanca South have suffered an increasement, we are finding new possibilities of investment for our customers in Costa Cálida region and North Almería.

These areas, becoming not the present, but the early future for the market, offer great properties at fantastic prices either on the coast or inland together with a great athmosphere and environment.

As a small Real Estate, but big in professionalism, we invite you to take a look to our variety of properties, new and resale.

Let us guide you and assist you personally.

Hoping to see you soon.

José A. Polo
Commercial Manager

Jose Antonio Face