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How is the life in Benijofar?

Benijofar is a nice little village with a charming church and village square. There is the casa de cultura for concerts and shows, a marked hiking trail with the Rio Segura and an outdoor pool, as well as two parks and the viewpoint with three crosses. Benijofar has a good selection of tapas bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as the nearby urbanization of Benimar.

Benijofar is a small town in the province of Alicante, in Spain. It is an agricultural town. It is a metropolis in the comacra of Vega Baja del Segura in Valencia, Spain. It is located near the Rojales in the Baja Vega Valley. The city has two airports that are easily accessible by road. Alicante airport is in the north, while Murcia airport is in the far south. There are a number of beaches close to the city. Because of various sights and pleasant weather conditions, Benijofar is visited by large numbers of tourists every year. Agricultural development in the city is due to its unique location in the Vega Baja Valley. It is also located near the Segura River and obtaining suitable water for irrigation.

Tourism in Benijofar

Located in the south of Alicante province and next to the last parts of the Segura River,
Benijófar has an area of ​​4.4 km2 in which more than 4,000 inhabitants live.
Benijófar comes from the Arabic word “Ya’far” (name that belonged to an Arab tribe with
the meaning of “Children of the Pearl”).
With formidable natural conditions, mild temperatures all year round,
clear skies, pleasant landscapes, perfect communication with neighboring cities
and with good connections to Alicante – Elche airport and the train station
Albatera – Catral, which guarantee a quality tourist offer. In addition, the special
peculiarity of the municipality offers its own cultural characteristics ranging from
historical tourist sources such as the Ferris wheel of the s. XVII or popular festivals, to the
gastronomy, sports and green tourism.
All this is promoted among the inhabitants of the city with gastronomic days
Multicultural, Tapas route, Fairs and crafts, editions of guides
Trade, gastronomy and tourism, tourist routes, holiday promotion
Employers and sports championships.
In terms of tourist resources, Benijófar has a wide variety, namely the
main the ferris wheel, the church and our pearl, the garden.
The garden
The garden is the traditional growing area of ​​the Vega Baja region. It is characteristic
landscape formed by terraces, rural roads, azarbes and ditches is a value
socio-economic and environmental cultures that make it a sign of the population of
The city is committed to preserving this heritage value, the offer
visitors the chance to enjoy the mosaic of shapes and colors that make up the
different types of crops, including citrus fruits predominate, but true
fruit and vegetables.
Enriched by the contribution of the waters of the Segura River, the garden offers us alone
economic productivity, but is an important link between animals and
vegetables that find their habitat here.
The Segura River
The Segura River has since been a fundamental element in the entire Vega Baja region
For centuries, it has shaped not only the landscape that bathes its waters, but also the road
of the life of the peoples in his path who become the source
feeding the garden and thus the basis of the economy and culture of the population.
This river, with a catchment area of ​​18,651 km2 and 325 kilometers long, devotes part of the river
last part to irrigate Benijófar farmland, creating an ecosystem along the way
river rich in biodiversity, despite the fact that the species has had to adapt to the
irregularity of the flow.
It is therefore not difficult to observe much of the characteristic river vegetation
waterfowl, plus amphibians, reptiles, insects and fish.
The Arabian Ferris wheel
This Ferris wheel, located in a meander to
the edge of the urban core, in the
right bank of the river Segura,
part of the hydraulic assembly,
built with hard stone walls in the
s. XVII (1659), is the symbol of
our garden and our city.
It is listed as an asset of interest
culturally by local government for
its historical – artistic character,
architectural and hydrological.

The tourism that predominates in the city is of the residential type, but thanks to ours
resources and services, we have more typologies, such as green tourism, tourism
gastronomic or sport tourism.

Tourism Gastronomic

What can you do in Benijofar adjacent to the Vega Baja.
Some typical dishes for the holidays stand out, such as the stew with balls
(meatballs made with bread, turkey blood, meat and herbs) and rice with
rabbit and mountain. You will also taste the typical dishes of the Vega Baja, such as
light wake rice, cucurrones, widow pot, etc.
As for confectionery, Benijófar has the cupcakes from the bakery “El Pelicao”,
famous for their great texture and flavor, an essential breakfast addition
our residents. We also have our mantecados, toñas, or sour rolls
Pumpkin fritters. Traditional canutes are made in the candlelight season
Easter de monas with egg and Christmas the famous relentes (Nevaditos or Pasta)
Wheel of Caps
As a tribute to our Ferris wheel from the s. XVII, of great historical-artistic value to
our municipality decided the city council in 2010 the first round of
Las Tapas, a gastronomic route through the catering establishments of the municipality.
With this name, the intention was to combine the three main tourist values ​​with the
that Benijófar tells: his cultural tradition (reflected in the ditches and in the Ferris wheel,
integrating the cultural-historical heritage), the huertana tradition (reflected in the
end product of the tapas, with raw materials from our garden) and gastronomic
(embodied in bars, wineries and restaurants that combine tradition with
local and regional culinary innovation).
So the “Wheel of tapas”
is an opportunity to give
know the richness and variety
gastronomy of the municipality both for the
local and regional public as for the
which comes from other countries thanks to
a wide gastronomic offer that
It has Spanish restaurants,
Dutch, English, Welsh,
Scottish, Mexican, Asian and
Native Americans. Therefore, this event achieves:
on the one hand integrating a multicultural gastronomic quality offer through the
participation of bars, restaurants and wineries in the municipality, while also
an opportunity to bring the local gastronomic variety closer to others
professionals and the general public. So thanks to the organization of
this event and the cooperation of all participating shops and restaurants
the local catering industry can approach this to a greater extent
Held every first weekend in October, they participate in this event
on average about twenty bars and restaurants. The purpose of your party
is promoting the local hospitality industry and stimulating activities that do not encourage
not only for our neighbors, but also for those from other cities in the
Region. The Benijófar catering industry is confronted with this route year after year
gastronomic with all kinds of bets: typical dishes, traditional, specialties
foreign and surprises hidden under the most curious names.
The bars and restaurants of the city, but also those of the urbanisations
of the municipality offer a total of 50 different tapas. So during the
Every weekend, each participating branch prepares an incoming cover
enter a competition where customers decide who is the best.
The location will stamp on all brochures presented by the client
by taking a lid (one stamp per establishment) for customers to make
a route and visit different places to complete your primer.
We have been doing this “Wheel of Tapas” for eight consecutive years with one
thunderous success, knowing new flavors from other corners of the world and through
of course, learning new ways of cooking with our products
kitchen garden.
Seville party
Every year, during the San Jaime festivities, the City Council works together
with Casas Manuel and Cafeteria Vero’s to hold a full gastronomic feast
nice and with a very Andalusian atmosphere.
Multicultural gastronomic days
Apart from the sevillanas party, the Festivities department of the city council
with the participation in the dishes the Multicultural Gastronomic Days
tasting of our residents and tourists who live in the city.
In this event, which serves as a day of living together between our residents
foreigners of the municipality and the natives of Benijófar, you can taste up to 25
typical dishes from different European countries, the products of which are supplied by the department
of parties.

Sports Tourism

Sport has always been part of Benijófar. From the sports department of the
The Municipal Council of Benijófar strengthens the sport by creating opportunities for the
residents of Benijófar and resident tourism in the city can come and enjoy
of numerous sports disciplines in their different modalities, with an offer
sport and quality in our municipal facilities.

Best Cyclist routes in Benijofar

If you are a cyclist living permanently or enjoying a holiday in or around Benijofar, here are some fantastic routes for you to enjoy:
Ruta titán costa blanca14,28 kilómetros – Moderado – por CMO cerca de Benijófar, Valencia (España)
Benijofar to Embalse de Pedrera 38.28 kilómetros – Fácil – por Ekkow cerca de Benijófar, Valencia (España) (1)
Dagens tur på sykkel med “Sykle saakegruppen” 40,94 kilómetros – Fácil – por cerca de Benijofar, Valencia (España)
Benijofar Callosa Catral Benijofar44,87 kilómetros – Fácil – por B-I-Scerca de Benijofar, Valencia (España)


Benijófar - Lagunas de La Mata - Guardamar - Rojales


 37.30 km

 02:35 h

 Ida y vuelta

 320.12 mCicloturismoPavimento, Tierra, Forestales BTT

Link to web:—Lagunas-de-La-Mata—Guardamar—Rojales

This route is about 35 kilometers long, has a medium difficulty and takes 3 hours. On this route we can enjoy the Vega Baja orchard and fields in person. The route runs from the Plaza de la Constitución along the main street of Benijófar, towards Torrevieja. Later, and thanks to the bike path that runs to Torrevieja, we can reach the Lagunas de la Mata. (We can continue towards Torrevieja and reach the Laguna Rosa de Torrevieja).

The route passes through the Laguna de La Mata with a short break in the paradores it has. Here you can see the fauna and flora that the Vega Baja has.

We finish the stretch of Lagunas de La Mata and head north along the bike path until we reach the Moncayo viewpoint. Point where you can rest while looking at the Mediterranean Sea. Then we continue south until we reach Guardamar, we cross the city until we reach the mota of the Río Segura, from there we continue west towards Benijófar and pass Rojales. The route ends at the starting point, La Plaza de la Constitución.

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